Paint FIlm

A paint film is the perfect way to protect your vehicle from minor damage such as stone chips, scratches, paint damage aswell as contaminants present in the air, leaving your paintwork with a breathtaking finish. We are very flexible in the areas of your vehicle which can be covered varying from complete coverage of the entire vehicle to protecting only the key areas such as bumpers which are particularly susceptible to paint damage.

We are accredited and qualified with many major brands, for paint film we use Xpel UK. Xpel have been established for many years and are recognised as the industries finest when it comes to paint film.

All of our paint work protection films come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty for your peace of mind.

How does paint film work?

Paint film works by applying an invisible self healing layer of protective coating over your vehicles paintwork. By applying paint film to your vehicle not only are you adding protection against scratches, chips and other damage but you are also prolonging the paints pristine look life-span.  

Treat your vehicle to the ultimate enhancement, contact us to book an appointment for paint film coverage today.

For more information see our PPF page.