Car Detailing Northampton

We are a vehicle detailing and paint protection film specialist based near to Northampton in Huntingdon. We are proud to have established ourselves as one of the top car detailing service providers due to our professionalism, passion and high standards of work. We have a full portfolio of work with examples of all variants of different vehicle detailing services provided for all types of vehicles. We are accredited and certified with various brands including: Gtechniq Accredited, Gyeon, Swissvax, Kamikaze Collection and Feynlab which enables us to exclusively offer our clients the most cutting edge, exclusive paintwork protection packages. Regardless of your vehicles condition, old or new, we are able to cleanse, restore, enhance and protect the prior paint work for years to come. 

We are also an authorised installer of XPEL UK self healing paint protection film (PPF). All of our PPF installs come with a ten year manufacturers warranty for your peace of mind.

Car Detailing in Northampton

We have been providing a car detailing Northampton service for several years and in that time we have enhanced and protected all types of vehicles, old, new, large and small. Customers are surprised by the level of contaminants and imperfections on the paintwork of a car striaght out of the factory, the improvements are clear to see once these are professionally removed. 

All of our work comes covered by a lengthy warranty period, so you can guarantee your vehicle will be looked after for years to come. See our PPF page for more information

We are the leading car detailing provider in Northampton, contact us to unlock your vehicle's true potential.